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By: Christopher Matulich | February 8th, 2010

Has anyone had to take a “technology” class for their undergraduate or graduate program? I’m currently sitting in one for my Special Education masters program, and I’m being taught WHAT THE FUCK WIKIPEDIA is. And only another hour to go…

I needed to vent. That is all.

P.S. I wish a horrid death on the people in my class, for I know more than my professor when it comes remotely close to anything having to do with computers, and the students actually don’t know these things. (I promise this won’t do bad things to you…or your computer)

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    Michael Carusi

    Did you know you can look up what Wikipedia is ON Wikipedia? I can’t believe I got that bored once.

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    Nick Simberg

    Second page of that PDF:

    “Today’s Agenda -
    What is a:
    Social Bookbookmark”

    This doesn’t sound so bad, even I don’t know what a Social Bookbookmark is. Sounds exotic.

    And @ Michael,

    You think that’s bad? Image being the first person to WRITE that entry. :P

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    Christopher Matulich

    I know Nick, it was an awful class taught by someone even more awful than Fawful.

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